Guta Closes Nigerian Owned Shops at Abossey Okai

Guta Closes Nigerian Owned Shops at Abossey Okai

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (Guta), This afternoon embarked on another campaign on Foreign Traders at Obossey Okai. According to reports 70 to 100 shops belonging mostly to Nigerians were locked by GUTA.

This is not the first time GUTA has embarked on such exercise in the country. A similar action was taken in December 2019 when over 600 shops operated by foreigners were closed down for engaging in retail business exclusively reserved for Ghanaian traders. Majority of these locked up shops were owned by Nigerians.

They insist that even though the West African Trade Agreement allows foreigners from West African countries to embark on retailing the laws of Ghana does not. Meanwhile, that is not the case in most market places in Ghana since a good number of retail shops in the country belongs to Foreigners, mostly Nigerians.

According to GUTA executives, such foreigners do not have the necessary legal requirements to embark on retail business in the country.

Responding to the closure of their shops, the President of the Nigerian Union of Traders in Ghana, Mr Chukwuemeka Nnaji said that enough is enough and that they (Nigerian traders) are tired of GUTA. he went on to say that, they are in this country legally and that they are taxpayers and hence deserve the same rights as other citizens.

Mr Nnaji made mention of the fact that he alone has paid over GHc 500,000.00 worth of taxes to the government of Ghana. He, therefore, demanded that all Nigerian shops are opened immediately or GUTA will face their wrath.

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